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Purchase this to save on the electricity

We are a big family of 8 with growing boys that are always hungry.

Our old standing cooker which came with electric oven has been serving us for more than 16 years. We hardly used the electric oven any more because it consumed electricity like no tomorrow. However, we regularly use an electric air fryer.

We purchased this standing cooker with gas oven to combat the electricity tariff's increase. Boy we glad that we made this jump. The burner (the fire) looks efficient and we find that foods taste better. May be our old cooker was just tired.

The oven is big (70L). With the top element (the western calls it the broiler), we can cook more drumsticks and wings with shorter time than the air fryer. The air fryer usually took 25 minutes per side while this oven only takes 15 minutes. Ikea roasting pan (KONCIS 40x32 cm) fits nicely in the oven and can fit 14 pieces of mixtures of drumsticks and chicken wings. The chickens are very juicy and tender because of the use of fire instead of an electric heating element. Moving forward, we will be using more of this broiler instead of the electric air fryer.

We no longer crave the commercially sold chicken wings.

The bottom gas heating element is a surprise to me. Despite not connected to the electricity, the oven adjusted the fire volume by itself. We just need to set the temperature.

When the unit is connected to the electricity, there is a blowing fan inside the oven which keeps the inside temperature balanced. I enclosed a photo of our banana cakes that we cooked using this convection oven. They are very moist and soft on the inside, taste better than any banana cakes that we ever tried. This was our first attempt ever in baking a banana cake.

Highly recommended.

Premium, Trendy Look and Safety !

I super like the transparent design of the water dispenser, so that I can view the water quality. Most important the bottom part is ceramic coating, then I won't have issue for water stain. and for the cover is with stain steel, safety guarantee !!!

Big capacity and multi function

This is my first time purchase ELBA appliances and this product really impress me! I read many review online and found this very useful with steam and grill in one oven.

Overall very great

I love this AIRFRYER Design of Visible window ,it allow me to check the condition of food. Perfect capacity for small medium family too.I tried many different brand of airfryer before, this elba brand get a better taste then other I been used for. Really worth to BUY!

Nice and best performance

Nice and trendy look. Now I can start planning to cook my recipe using the pressure cooker. This is my first time purchase pressure cooker and can't wait to use it during weekend to cook for my family members, feeling excited!

Very convenient to use, heating very fast

Overall very satisfied, worth to buy. It make my life easier, I don’t have to use gas to steam my food anymore. Some more I can steam more than one type of food at the same time (contain 2 layer of steam boxes). It is an amazing product👍

Premium and elegant

Cantek sekali oven ini, match dengan dapur saya. Boleh main baking dengan anak saya semasa weekend

Good Packaging and Safe Delivery

Nice packaging, overall good.. especially the suction power is good!! Trusted brand.

Certified by Sirim

Impressed for the big capacity size. The basket is stackable and the steam plate is removeable is much convenient for me to steam whole chicken or cake. Using BPA free basket is much safe and without toxic! 👍

Good quality product

barang packing elok, kipas pun dah test okay, laju.. puas hati. dah recomended siblings beli product ni jugak

Good Delivery

Good value for money! The fridge is big with freezer drawers is useful too...my mom really like it. Fast delivery.. Took 5 days to arrive safely here! Tq seller.

Nice and best performance

Penghantaran sangat LAJU, packaging pun secure. hadiah bagi mak utk masak lemang

Good Value for Money

Lawa kemas periuk ni.. Kualiti elok puashati. dh recommend kt kwn2 utk beli jgk

Good as expected

Item arrived safely. I love the color. Looks so class

Big Capacity

Found the most suitable air fryer with visible window, now I can view my food anytime without open the basket! Big capacity for me can cook variety of food and suitable for my family size. Now I can bake, fry and grill easily with this air fryer! 😍😍

Easy to use

This oven come with My dream color - Mint Green 😍 this oven size is just nice and cute, it come with in multi functions too! I can do airfry, steam, grill, steam+grill, fermentation, and food dehydrator. This oven also come with preset program, just select the program I want, click start then i can just sit down and wait for my meal! Worth to buy!

Works well and happy baking !

Satisfy with the purchase and this product service the purpose. Tested with baking function and next time will try more function. All programme is printed inner and easier for new beginner chef as me to operate 😂

Great product with superb functionality

The product looks solid. It is made with high quality glass material from Germany.