100L Electric Oven EEO-G1029(BK) - 6 Heating Selections, Rotisserie & Convention Function, Black (

100L Electric Oven EEO-G1029(BK) - 6 Heating Selections, Rotisserie & Convention Function, Black (

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What if you could have versatility at your fingertips, and make whatever you crave, when you crave it?
Your taste is our command.
ELBA Electric Oven with 6 heating selections help smooth your cooking process and make your cooking time relaxing and harmonious. It also include rotisserie and convection function for perfect cooking results.

Key Features

The lastest technology for perfect cooking results. ELBA oven deliver more flavour with grill and bake and much more.

100L Ultra Large Capacity To Cook All Sized Of Your Dishes

  • With 100L large capacity, large cakes and chicken can easily be baked.
  • Allow mutiple tray of baking at the same time and have a great feast of the favourite food you enjoy.

Cook Any Food, Any Way You Like It

  • Our oven includes grill and bake function. So use it as oven and toaster and enjoy the delicious results.
  • 6 heating selections: top heating; bottom heating; top + bottom heating; top and bottom heating + convection; top and bottom heating + rotisserie; top and bottom heating + convection + rotisserie

Rotisserie and Convection Function To Cook Food Quickly And Evenly

It constantly rotating meat over the heat until it's perfection cooked with crispy and juicy

Technical Specification
Product Name EEO-G1029(BK)
Capacity (L) 100L
Power (W) 2,800W
Heating element Stainless Steel
Timer with bell ring 60 Minutes
Temperature control 100ºC – 250ºC
Top Heating Yes
Bottom Heating Yes
Top & Bottom Heating Yes
Top & Bottom Heating + Convention Yes
Top & Bottom Heating + Rotisserie No
Top & Bottom Heating + Convection + Rotisserie Yes
Rotisserie Yes
Convection function Yes
Interior lamp Yes
Accessories Wire Rack, 2 Bake Tray, Tray Handle, Rotisserie
Color Black
8 Preset Programmes