Double Burners Built-In Domino Glass Hob EDH-F3302G(BK)

Double Burners Built-In Domino Glass Hob EDH-F3302G(BK)

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The perfect addition to any kitchen that values efficiency, precision, and style. This hob is designed to fit seamlessly into any countertop, providing a sleek and modern look that will enhance the overall appearance of your kitchen.

The ELBA Domino Gas Hob features two powerful burners that deliver precise heat control, allowing you to cook your favourite dishes to perfection. The burners are powered by gas, making them extremely efficient and quick to heat up. The hob is also equipped with durable cast-iron pan supports that provide stability and safety during cooking.

Key Features

Introducing our built-in hob, designed to revolutionize your cooking experience. Its sleek, modern design is sure to complement any kitchen, while its powerful heating elements ensure that your food is cooked to perfection every time.

Meet the Original Italian SABAF Burner

  • The burners are designed to bring efficiency and ease to your cooking experience. It is also highly versatile, capalble of handling a wide range of cooking styles from gentle slimmering to high-heat searing.
  • With heating load: 3.0kW and 1.0kW, it is powerful and fast cooking.

Flame Safety Valve for Safety First

The flame failure safety device shuts down the supply of gas to the hob if the flame goes out for any reason, making sure there is no flame, no gas.

Battery Auto Ignition System

Provides a quick and effortless way to ignite your gas burners, allowing you to start cooking in no time.

Stable Cast Iron Pan Support

Where ever the pans are placed, they always remain stable. No risk of spilling, scalding or burns.

Stable Cast Iron Wok Support

The wok support is designed to provide stability and support your wok while cooking.

Easy Cleaning with High Tempered Glass

It designed for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Technical Specification
Number of Burner 2
1 x Rapid Burner (3.0kW)
1 x Auxiliary Burner (1.0kW)
Pan Support Cast Iron
Wok Stand -
Safety Valve YES
Battery Auto Ignition System YES
Finishing -
Glass Material Tempered Glass
Aluminium Frame YES
Product Dimension (mm) 310 x 520
Built in Dimension (mm) 280 x 490

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